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I started this guide for one reason: to help other people that feel frustrated and hopeless in the new age of SEO to not only repair their own site, but to also sell link removal services the same way I did.

Sadly, more than a few times I have been in the same frustrated situation that you are probably in right now. Whether that ranges from getting a message from Webmaster tools about unnatural links, a sudden loss in rankings, or just no clue how to diagnose your current issue- I’ve been there and it sucks. Over the last few years alone, I have managed hundreds of websites for both myself and also for clients which allows me to see tons of link data. As a result, I have been able to see what has worked and conversely, what does not. With that information, I created this guide to help you.

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The sad thing is that Google has really gone back on their word for webmasters. Remember a few years back when we were told that links can’t hurt us and we should just focus on creating “good content”? Yea, isn’t that a joke, look at the situation that we are all in now! One competitor with just enough knowledge to order some spammy backlinks can literally hurt our rankings. It is one thing to have overly aggressive backlink campaigns, but being susceptible to our competitors is all out warfare. In my opinion, Google has made a mistake and is trying to move forward as if nothing happened. It is what it is and we must deal with the road ahead of us.

I first started fixing and removing backlinks not only for my own websites, but also for my clients. I began to really understand what to do when websites were penalized. Naturally, since they were my own websites or my clients, I had to fix it and do it fast. Over time I began to recognize a pattern between all of the sites. I began to uncover what was wrong, but more importantly…how to fix it.

From that point on, I decided that I was going to leverage that knowledge and reach out to SEO companies, agencies and other companies that needed help. Not only did I help them following my own guide, but I made a lot of money in the process. The unfortunate thing is that webmasters are not only confused, but they are extremely desperate for help. We can blame Google all day long, but that won’t help the fix the issue. I then began to white label link removal services to agencies and other SEO companies using services that remove backlinks. I would create unbranded reports for them that they could deliver to their clients. I think at that time I had bitten off a little more than I could handle as I was literally watching my PayPal account increase every hour.

With my guide, it is my goal to help you solve two major problems. The first is to solve your own website issues and regain rankings. I’m sure that is how you found this site since you are most likely looking for help or a resolution for the links you are penalized for. The second is to help you make a significant amount of money just like I did following the same process that I used to resell link removal services. If you follow the same process that I did and work with your clients, you are bound to not only fix their problems, but will make incredible amounts of money doing so. My goal is to help resolve your linking issues and also prosper in the process.

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