If you have been purchasing any links from link networks, Google is continuing to crack down on private networks and is publicly making mention of it. This week Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that they have taken down the private blog network “Anglo Rank.” In his tweet, he called out the private blog network selling their services on Black Hat World:

“There are absolutely NO footprints linking the websites together” Oh, Anglo Rank.

— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) December 6, 2013

We were a little surprised to see this tweet from Matt Cutts since there are larger networks that are out there. Perhaps he was making a point specifically to out Anglo Rank. He followed up his first tweet with the following:

SEO tip: don’t use a blackhat link network that claims no footprints, but also has no refunds, no reports, no guarantees.

— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) December 6, 2013

We personally don’t feel that the webspam team is getting any better at taking down links networks. Rather, we feel that they are becoming more aware of services that are for sale on SEO forums and are becoming better and infiltrating them as a potential customer. Matt went on to later say that they would be issuing messages and penalty notifications in Webmaster Tools if your site was effected by the penalty. If you were, you are going to want to have them removed right away and being the disavow process.