Matt Cutts released another video this week helping with another example of using the disavow tool. Lately he has been mentioning the disavow tool a lot in his webmaster videos. It’s not really surprising though since Google is probably trying to get people to use the disavow tool more and more in order to help them crowd source sites that use spammy tactics.

In the latest video, he covers on a very general level how Interflora, the flower company that was hit with a linking penalty recovered in just about 11 days. Matt eludes to massive use of the disavow tool across all domains and not just using the disavow tool one domain at a time.

Matt doesn’t go into great detail (which is normal to not give too many details), but he does shed some light on what you should do if you have a certain time period that you purchased paid links. If you bought links, he mentions in the video to disavow all of the links that you think were acquired during that time frame. We would advise that you also try to have the links removed in addition to only disavowing the links.