In a recent video this week, Google’s head of webspam released a new video telling us to use the Disavow Tool even if we don’t think there is manual action. In the video, we learn about the various circumstances in which you should use the disavow tool even if there was no manual penalty. Matt mentions that the primary reason to use the Disavow Tool is to remove bad backlinks if you or an SEO company acquired links that you are unable to remove.

When to use the disavow even if there was no manual penalty:

  1. If you already reached out to webmasters to remove the links and they refused to do so or asked for payment
  2. If you think that your competitor is performing negative SEO on your site
  3. If you discover links that are pointing to your site that you don’t want to have
  4. If you see links in bulk that you are not aware of and think it could be malicious
  5. If you think that a competitor could view your backlinks as spammy and file a spam report against you
  6. If you think there was a sudden drop in rankings and believe that you may have been hit by a penalty such as Penguin.